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Because money doesn't grow on trees...

Smart money skills start here.

Prepare your children for a life of financial success

The financial lessons children are taught early in life will influence the decisions they make once they start earning and handling their own money. Start your kids on the right track by opening a Kirby Kangaroo Savings Account with Sandia Area.

Kirby Kangaroo gives kids 12 and younger the opportunity to make deposits and withdrawals. They can also start learning about dividends and how a savings account can help them earn money. Plus, Kirby Kangaroo gives kids positive reinforcement for meeting savings milestones by rewarding them with fun prizes.

Benefits of a Kirby Kangaroo Savings Account

Open your Kirby Kangaroo Account with $5 and your child's social security number. Then, for every $10 they save, they'll receive one Kirby Credit they can use for prizes. The more they save, the bigger the prize! They will also get:

  • Kirby Kangaroo membership card
  • Savings Record Keeper
  • Coin Saver
  • Special contests from time-to-time

Access the Kirby site here!

Sandia Area Kirby Kangaroo club logo

Visit Kirby’s website to learn cool new stuff about your money, read jokes, and play games with Kirby.


As your savings grow you’ll collect Kirby credits which can be redeemed for many great prizes. You’ll get one credit for every $10 saved!

Click here for a current list of available prizes

 Saving Tips

  • Save some of the money you get from doing chores, from allowance and gifts. Saving just 25¢ of every dollar you get will add up.
  • Make one or more savings goals and stick to them.
  • Learn to keep a budget, which is a record of how much money you get and how you spend it.
  • Spend your money wisely so you always have some left to save.
  • Keep your money safe by putting it in a Sandia Area savings account.
  • Help your money grow faster by keeping it in your savings account. The credit union gives you extra money, called dividends for keeping your money there.
  • Try to make a deposit in your savings account every month.


Our online financial services are not designed for or directed toward children under the age of thirteen. We do not solicit or collect data from children. 

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