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EZ Switch Kit

It's YOUR Checking... MOVE It!

EZ Switch Kit

It's YOUR Checking... MOVE It!

Sandia Area EZ Switch Kit

Your Information

Switching your account(s) to Sandia Area is easy! Simply fill out the information requested below and then print, sign and mail the letters that will be generated to your other financial institutions to complete the process. For assistance, please contact us at 505-292-6343 ext 5.

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The forms we are providing to you are generic. An employer/merchant may require a separate form or other documentation. If you receive Social Security benefits, you can set up Direct Deposit of your checks into your new Sandia Area account by visiting To download the official government form for Direct Deposit for all other government benefits, go to

Say goodbye to your big bank and hello to Sandia Area.

Switching your account doesn’t have to be a hassle. We have organized a simple Switch Kit to help you transfer money from other financial institutions to Sandia Area. Follow these four easy steps to make your switch:

Step 1 – Open your new Sandia Area Account

Open your new Sandia Area checking account and order your Debit MasterCard and checks. Start using this account for any new transactions.

Step 2 – Identify your current transactions

Identify all of the deposits, bill payments, transfers and deductions to/from your current account, so you have an inventory of the transactions you’ll want to switch to Sandia Area. You will want to gather account numbers and addresses.

Step 3 – Use the EZ Checking Switch Kit

The EZ Switch Kit will generate letters you can use to perform the following:

  • Change your Direct Deposit - Use the generated form to notify your employer (or other source) to begin placing deposits in your new checking account. Include a voided check so your employer can confirm your account and routing numbers.
  • Change your Automatic Withdrawals - Use the generated form to contact any organization that you have authorized to make automatic withdrawals and let them know you've switched to Sandia Area. You will need to include a voided check.
  • Close Your Old Account(s) - Use the generated form to tell your old bank(s) goodbye. It is important to make sure all checks have cleared. Destroy your old checks and your old ATM card. You're done!

You should also enroll in Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Online Bill Pay at this time to make it easy to track all direct deposits and automatic payments to/from your new Sandia Area account. Now would also be a good time to open a new credit card and switch any higher-rate balances.

You're done!

Questions? Give us a call at 292-6343 ext. 5 or visit a neighborhood branch