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Traditional Savings

What are YOU saving for?

Whatever your financial goal, Sandia Area has a traditional savings account solution.

Your Sandia Area savings account is more than just the cornerstone of membership, it's your springboard for growing small amounts of cash into larger sums. With no monthly maintenance fees and free online & mobile access, we’ve made it easy for you to get started!

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Savings Account Features

  • No minimum balance, no time commitment, and no penalty for withdrawals
  • Unlimited free access1
  • Direct deposit of pension, Social Security, or other recurring checks. (For payroll direct deposit, check with your employer)
  • An overdraft source for your checking account1
  • Account may be used as collateral for a savings secured loan
  • Access and transfer funds through Online and Mobile Banking 
  • Money Market, Certificate Accounts and Retirement Accounts are also available

Did you know? Experts recommend you keep a minimum of three months worth of living expenses in an accessible savings account as part of your overall financial plan.

1subject to Regulation D limitations

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