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Avoiding Job Scams 8/6/2018

There’s no doubt that finding a new job can be a challenge. But, throw in the possibility of scammers using job sites as an opportunity to rip you off, and well, that makes it even harder. Before you start any application take a moment to think whether or not the job sounds legitimate. After all, your application will contain sensitive information such as your name, address, current employer and possibly your Social Security Number. How do you distinguish a legitimate job from a real job? Good question:

Few details listed on the job posting. Real job postings oftentimes include lots of details, such as the skills the qualified individual will possess. If the job falls short on listing their requirements and talks repeatedly about the flexible nature of the work, consider it a red flag.

High pay for easy work: Is someone really going to be offering you easy work and a flexible schedule for high pay? The answer is probably not.

Online reputation: Before applying for any opportunity listed online, type in the name of the company and “scam.” If it is a bogus job, you’ll quickly find web-based complaints.

Upfront cash: Real jobs pay YOU. Not the other way around. You should not have to pay to get paid. If they’re asking for money in advance to get the job, they’re likely crooks.

Unprofessional communication: Pay close attention to the job posting and any email communication you receive from the company you are interested in working for. Multiple exclamation marks, misspellings and grammatical errors are also a red flag.

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