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Common Internet Safety Mistakes to Avoid10/5/2017

We’re almost constantly plugged in and online nowadays. We feel naked without our smart phones- without the capability to Google anything, anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to feel like you’re pretty tech savvy- but are you making some of these common internet safety mistakes while “surfing the net?”

Password123. Password123. Password123. We know it’s hard to remember a different password for every online account and app that we use nowadays. But using the same password for everything is a big no-no. If a criminal were to get access to your password on one site, then they have access to EVERY SITE you log in to. Use a secure password keeper, work on your memorization skills, and change things up a bit. Get more password tips here.

Believe everything you read. Why yes, a Nigerian prince absolutely did email you and you (and your bank account information) are the only one who can help him! Please stop and think about things you read online- whether from the spam in your inbox, posts shared by friends on Facebook, or pop-ups while searching the net. Don’t believe everything you read and be careful not to click on sketchy links. And absolutely NEVER share any confidential personal information unless you know you’re talking to a reputable source.

Oversharing. Be careful of what information you post online. It’s great that you’re going to Jamaica for the holidays. But now thieves are planning their vacation to your residence while you’re busy soaking up the sun. Either share your holiday information privately, or post photos and details only after you’ve returned home.

Nah, you don’t need that software update. Is your computer trying to get you to update software? What about your Antivirus software? Do you keep closing those annoying update notifications? It’s time to accept it and take the few minutes to update your software. By not updating, you’re leaving your computer open and vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Free antivirus software? Oh boy! Chances are, if an email or pop-up is offering you free software, or a free virus scan, it’s malware in disguise. Don’t click accept. Don’t download. Don’t pass go.

Get more online safety tips and other security information here. (We promise, it’s a safe and secure link.)

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