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Enjoy A Budget Friendly Thanksgiving11/3/2017

If it’s your turn to host the Thanksgiving feast this year, we have a few tips to help you save a little money. Check out these 5 ways to host Thanksgiving on a budget.

  1. Go potluck. Going potluck saves you money, and time slaving away in the kitchen. And everyone is sure to have something they like to eat! Or if you’re determined to cook the entire feast yourself, let your guests bring the beverages.
  1. Stick to your shopping list. Make a list of what you and stick to it to cut down on impulse buys and extra trips to the grocery store (where you may be tempted by even MORE impulse buys!) Try to buy whatever you can a few weeks in advance and take advantage of sales and deals.
  1. Prioritize your favorite dishes. Just because every family member has requested certain dishes doesn’t mean you need to make them all. Prioritize what you want to make, what you want to eat, and what is a realistic amount of food. You don’t need 10 different side dishes, five types of stuffing and three different gravies.
  1. Cut some cooking corners. Change up recipes to include less expensive ingredients. Buy canned pumpkin instead of fresh. Get a supermarket bird instead of heritage (with a good recipe you’ll never tell the difference). And starting from scratch can sometimes be cheaper than buying mixes or pre-cooked items, where you often pay for the packaging and sacrifice flavor.
  1. Decorate sensibly. Buy a few versatile pieces that can be used year after year as general fall décor, or get creative and make your own. Dried grasses and herbs often make great centerpieces. If you have kids, get some arts and crafts going, making handprint turkeys and painting pumpkins. Gourds are always great décor, and some can be used for cooking afterward.
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