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Green Home Renovation Ideas3/21/2018

If you’re looking into doing some home renovations or remodeling, you might want to consider how your plans will affect the environment (and your utility bills). Check out our 6 tips to make your home updates a little more eco-friendly!

1. When updating flooring in your house, opt for sustainable materials like bamboo or cork (which regrow quickly) or reclaimed wood, instead of resource-draining hardwood. You can also find tiles that are made of recycled materials. When planning installation of your new flooring, choose soy-based adhesives. Traditional adhesives include toxic chemicals like formaldehyde.

2. With 300+ days of sun in New Mexico, opting to add solar panels to your house may prove to be cost efficient. Do some research to see if your house gets enough sunlight and how much solar panels may save you on your energy bill.

3. Other great ways to cut down on energy usage is to install energy efficient windows and use “smart” thermostats. The windows will help insulate your house, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and the programmable thermostats will help to more efficiently cool and heat your home. Adjust its program to take into consideration the time of day, when no one is home, when you’re on vacation and more – and remote sensors can be placed in separate rooms to get a more accurate temperature balance in your home.

4. If you’re doing a major renovation, where actual demolition is involved, try to recycle any useable demolished materials (stone, brick, wood, etc) or donate them to a local salvage yard.

5. Remodeling your kitchen? Be sure to get energy-efficient appliances and keep the fridge away from direct sunlight and the oven. Heat will make it have to work harder. Install a water filter for your sink or get a fridge with a water dispenser. No more bottled water!

6. What about bathrooms? Install low-flow toilets and flow reducers for sinks and showers to reduce water usage.

Here's a seventh tip that can help your wallet. Sandia Area can help you achieve your renovation dreams with a Home Equity Line of Credit. As a homeowner, you can leverage the equity in your home into a low rate line of credit to give you access to cash when you need it. Click here to learn more.

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