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Help Keep the Environment Merry & Bright11/30/2017

Give a little back to the environment this holiday season by adopting some of these green lifestyle tips.

  • When your evergreen is no longer green, use a mulcher to shred the tree for use in your garden, or have it composted (Soilutions New Mexico Compost in Albuquerque is a great option). Or get a fake tree – which, while plastic – can be used over and over for many years to come.
  • Recycle or reuse gift bags and wrapping paper. If the wrappings are not ripped to shreds in the gift-giving and receiving excitement, carefully fold and store for use next year. We promise, it’s not re-gifting!
  • If you like to surprise friends, family and neighbors with homemade baked goods, give them in reusable containers or tins instead of disposable bags or boxes that clog up landfills.
  • Use recyclable or compostable décor when decorating your home for the holidays. Cut snowflakes out of scrap paper or paper bags. Make paper Mache snowmen out of old newspaper. Thread popcorn to make a garland. Create ornaments out of home-made clay.
  • Save a tree or two and send digital holiday cards instead of the traditional paper. Or if you absolutely refuse to go digital, opt for cards made out of recycled materials. And recycle any paper cards that you receive too!
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