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How to Winterize Your Home in New Mexico11/3/2017

Barring any freak blizzards, winterizing your home in New Mexico is a cinch!

Close your windows – Starting to feel a little chilly? Close your windows, switch off your swamp coolers and turn on the heater!

Clockwise ceiling fans – You don’t need your ceiling fans on full blast anymore. It’s time to flip that switch and turn them off. You can also switch them over to run clockwise to circulate air around the room without turning you into a popsicle.

Clean up your yard – It’s time to remove those fluttery fall leaves that have been gathering around your property and driving your neighbors nuts. Use a blower to banish leaves from your xeriscaping. Rocks don’t need that cozy layer to survive the winter. But please pick them up and use as compost. Your neighbors don’t want those leaves in their yard either.

Unclog your gutters and inspect your roof – While we’re not expecting a winter wonderland, a little bit of snow or ice melt can turn your roof into a surprise swimming pool. Clear out any leaves or debris clogging your gutters to allow any rain, sleet or snow to melt away. And since it’s bad luck to open an umbrella inside, make sure to inspect your roof for any potential leaks!

Get baking – Who needs a heater when you can gather in a toasty kitchen baking all those sugary goodies? Pop in a sheet of cookies, make yourself some hot cocoa and enjoy the mild New Mexico winter!

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