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The Do's, Don'ts and How To's of Recycling 9/11/2018

Do you ever wonder how you can recycle and why it’s important? Every day we encounter hundreds of recyclable items. By recycling properly, you help materials get to their next best use, which in turn saves tons upon tons of raw materials, time, energy and expense.


Metals - Do you think of your empty soda cans and food cans as a natural resource? Well, guess what? They are! Americans discard a shocking 2.7 million tons of aluminum a year. Aluminum cans, aluminum foil, aluminum bakeware and steel cans can be recycled.

Paper/ Cardboard – Although we use our computers and mobile devices more than ever before, most of us use a paper product at least once a day. Make sure you’re recycling corrugated cardboard, office paper, newspapers, paperboard, dairy and juice cartons, unsolicited direct mail, and phone books. You may also be surprised to know that magazines also fall in to this category. A common misconception is that glossy paper can’t be recycled. That may have been true in the earlier days of recycling, but not anymore. With today’s technology, nearly all community recycling programs accept glossy magazines and catalogs.

Plastics – Plastics come in all different shapes, colors and chemical formations, all of which have different recycling needs. How can you tell what kinds of plastic to put into your recycling bin? The most reliable way is by shape – think bottles, jars and jugs!

Glass Bottles & Containers - If you live in the Albuquerque Metro area, curbside recycling is not available for glass products. Instead, you’ll need to find a local drop-off location. And of course, not all glass can be recycled. Generally speaking, the following types of glass can be recycled: clear (flint) glass, brown (amber) glass and green (emerald) glass.


No Food Waste – try composting instead (depending on what it is)

No Plastic Bags & Film – find a recycling site at

No Foam Cups & Containers – you can visit for recycling options

No Needles – keep medical waste out of recycling. Place in safe disposal containers like Waste Management’s MedWaste Tracker® box

For more information on recycling, visit

The information above is courtesy of Waste Management,

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