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Know the signs of a home improvement scam.

Articles of Interest.

Know the signs of a home improvement scam.

Articles of Interest.

Know this before you start your home improvement project on 3/2/2017

For most Americans, a home is their biggest investment. So, it makes sense that one would make improvements that increase its value. These improvements may include a kitchen remodel and upgrades such as landscaping and fencing.

But what happens when the latter becomes a source of contention for a neighbor whose property borders yours? To avoid this, it’s important to identify your property’s boundaries. Start your investigation with these steps:

Look at your property survey

You may have received this document, also sometimes called a boundary survey, from your home’s previous owners. It’s basically a sketch or map of your land that identifies your property lines.

 Consult your deed

If you don’t have one or can’t find your property survey, check your deed. It will describe (in words) your property’s measurements and boundaries.

Go Online

Your local assessor’s office likely has visual documentation of land parcels, known as plats, available on its website.

Take a DIY approach

On some properties, especially on those recently developed, you may be able to find markers showing where the property was divided. They may be metal pins or stakes in the ground.

Hire a surveyor

Professional surveyors verify property lines by using an electronic theodolite, a type of compass. Once complete, they will indicate the lines in a Surveyor’s Real Property Report.

And, when you’re ready to start on your home improvement project, don’t forget to consult with your credit union. If you’re a homeowner, you can turn the equity in your home into cash to pay for your home improvement project.

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