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How We Protect You Online

How we protect you online

Your personal information

Sandia Area is serious about safeguarding your personal information, whether it is obtained online, in person, or on paper. Specifically, for all online transactions, we use industry-standard encryption transactions. Our online service is built on a foundation of stringent security policies, rigorously tested technologies, and a highly trained and experienced staff. Our combination of Internet expertise and in-depth knowledge and experience in the financial services industry provide a secure solution to consumer concerns. You may rest easy knowing that your financial information will be protected with state-of-the-art security every step of the way.

Protecting your accounts

Sandia Area never initiates requests for sensitive information by email or text messaging (such as Social Security numbers, Telephone Banking PINs, passwords, or account numbers). If you receive an email or text message requesting this type of information, please contact Sandia Area immediately.

We at Sandia Area believe that our members are our most important asset. We work very hard to earn and maintain your trust. Consequently, we protect your personal information by taking steps to keep it secure and confidential. We have not and will not sell your account information. Furthermore, we have policies and procedures in place to protect the safety of your personal and financial information.

Sandia Area uses small text files called cookies to collect anonymous Web site traffic data. This information is used to measure the number of visitors to the various pages on the site, to help Sandia Area make improvements to the information contained on the site, and to better serve our members. Our cookies do not collect or store any personally identifiable information.


You communicate with our computer systems, web site, by using your computer's web browser. Your web browser will need to be updated periodically for continued safe and secure use of our web site.

Our Websites are secured via digital certificates and industry standard encryption and time-sensitive session cookies in order to obtain personal information for member transactions. We only support browsers and browser versions in accordance with the NIST advanced encryption standard. Encryption algorithms are intended to help ensure that:

You are in fact dealing with Sandia Area, instead of a site impersonating us. Your information reaches us through SSL to help protect the contents of the message from eavesdropping, and interception, however, no security is perfect and it is your responsibility to use up-to-date software, security features such as anti-virus, anti-malware, and connect via trusted networks.


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We reserve the right to change this Statement, and you agree it is your responsibility to check this Statement periodically for any changes.

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