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Preparing for your big summer road trip

Articles of Interest.

Preparing for your big summer road trip

Articles of Interest.

The top 10 summer road trip essentials on 4/20/2017

With summer on the horizon, you may be day dreaming of that long awaited road trip. When planning a road trip, there are obvious items such as keys, right? But, there are also plenty of things you might only think about once your car has passed the state line- especially things with a financial bent. To help you plan and ensure your trip goes smoothly, we’ve drafted a simple list of things to do in order to prepare for your big road trip.

1. Create travel notifications

Wherever you are headed, if it is out of your normal spending area, it’s a good idea to call and let your credit union (and any other financial institutions you may have) a heads up. This prevents unnecessary fraud-alert triggers and helps ensure you can use your plastic everywhere you need. You can call us at 505-292-6343 ext. 5, stop by a branch office or send us a secure message within Online Banking.

2. Determine your chief navigator

These days, there are at least 3 premiere smartphone apps designed for navigation. Map your route before you hit the road and ensure you agree about the best way to go. Choose the app you feel the most comfortable with. There’s nothing worse than being in a new city and having multiple voices trying to give directions because you’re switching between apps.

3. Keep your Sandia Area debit card handy

Not having to worry about whether or not there will be an ATM nearby is a key benefit of having a Sandia Area checking account. We don’t want to toot our own horn, but it makes traveling so easy! Cheers to nearly 30,000 ATMs nationwide!

4. Avoid “checking in” on social media

We know. It’s tough not to share that great photo of the Grand Canyon on Facebook or Instagram. But… unless you trust all of your social media followers, do your best to restrain yourself. This limits the number of people who know you aren’t home, lowering the chance for burglary.

5. Get an oil change and car check-up

If you’re anything like most folks, you may not understand everything going on under your car’s hood. If you’re going on a longer road trip, kill two birds with one stone by getting an oil change prior to leaving to ensure your tires are full and everything else is operating in full working order.

6. Snacks

It seems as though the moment you step into the car for a long road trip you’re insatiably hungry. Make sure you pack a cooler of cold beverages and a bag packed with healthy snacks for the whole family to indulge in. This will save you from extra stops for pricey gas station munchies.

7. Cleaning supplies and toiletries

Plastic bags have never been more valuable and neither have tissues and wipes. Whether you have a little one or not, plastic bags, tissues, and wipes are things you can never have enough of- especially on a road trip. Plastic can help you sort and avoid stains and tissues, and wipes can help you when those stains happen anyway. Buy them at Costco or Sam’s (or any other retailer that sells in bulk) before you leave to avoid paying convenience fees down the road.

9. Electric charger or USB cord

To your teenager (or you), the worst thing that could happen is if their smartphone runs out of charge mid-trip. Many newer cars have USB ports, but most only have one, so come prepared. Also, make sure to bring a USB cord so you can alternate playing music across devices so everyone can hear their favorite song, in the event you cannot connect to your car’s Bluetooth.

10. Set of spare keys

While the sense of adventure would hit a new level if your keys were stolen or lost while roadtripping, it wouldn’t be very fun (or affordable) to replace them on the fly. Prepare in advance by stashing an extra set in your suitcase.

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