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Skip your loan payment this summer.

Take a break from your payment this summer!

Everyone could use a little extra cash during their summer break. Skip your June or July loan payment and use the extra money any way you would like! You may skip one loan payment for each eligible loan. Just fill out the secure form and press submit. Or, if you prefer, click here to print the form and return it to any of our 7 offices. If you normally make your payment(s) by check, you don’t need to send one for the month you select. If your loan payment is made by payroll deduction, it will be deposited into your primary account where it will be available for withdrawal. This special offer is available for a low $30 processing charge.

Have more than one loan?

You can skip as many different loan payments as you like. Sorry, you are not able to skip payments on commercial and business loans, home equity loans, home equity lines of credit, first mortgage loans, or on loans where fewer than three payments have been made.

 Skip your Vehicle Loan Payment

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 Skip Your Signature Loan or Line of Credit Payment

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Please read this important information regarding our Skip-a-Payment program ►