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Stand Together: Support Local7/1/2020

At least 2% of U.S. small businesses are permanently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Statistics are even worse when it comes to restaurants. According to the National Restaurant Association, 3% of U.S. restaurants have closed.1 210 New Mexico-based restaurants are permanently closed due to the pandemic, leaving nearly 5,200 people jobless around the state.2

As a local credit union we support other local businesses and our communities. Now more than ever, local businesses need your help.

KOAT created a list of small businesses around the state that includes restaurants, grocery and supply stores, repair companies, services, auto companies, retail stores, entertainment, and education companies. View the list.

This is the perfect time to find a new local restaurant or store and check them out either in person (if they have safely re-opened), or online if they have a website. When getting a service such as a haircut from a salon or a fresh tattoo from a tattoo parlor, consider giving a higher tip than usual.

As New Mexicans we all should support our unique local businesses. Tap into your city and state pride and shop local – it’s what makes New Mexico great and one of a kind!





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