Need to pay a Sandia Area loan? Let us count the ways! (10+, actually). Pay your loan how it works for you—online, over the phone, in person, or with a scheduled transfer. Even by text!

Free Digital Payment Options

Online and Mobile Banking

Add your preferred checking or savings account and easily transfer money to your auto loan on its due date.


Sit back and relax! Schedule an automatic payment from your preferred account and let your payment pay itself!

Online and Mobile Banking

Mobile check deposit

Use the Sandia Area Mobile App to deposit a check made out to Sandia Area for your auto loan. Select your loan account and simply apply your payment.

Sandia Area App

Account to account transfer

Add an external account from another financial institution. Once established, make a simple transfer to your loan account.

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Free Non-Digital Payment Options

Bank by Mail

Send your payment by mail to:

Sandia Area Federal Credit Union

P.O. Box 18044, Albuquerque, NM 87185

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ACH Form

Call our Member Contact Center at 505-292-6343 and one of our representatives will assist you with processing your payment from another financial institution.

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Other Payment Options

Make a payment from an external account

$10 per transaction

Log on to the Sandia Area app or to process payment using “Pay or Transfer”.

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Make A Payment By Debit Card

$20 per transaction

With assistance from our Member Contact Center, pay your loan payment with a debit card.

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Payment Portal

$10 per transaction

Set up your payment through the Payment Portal using an account from another financial institution.

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Pay by Text

$10 per transaction

Never miss a payment again! With pay by text, get payment reminders and we’ll send you a link to make your payment.

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Set up a BillPay Payment

Use your financial institution’s online banking to process a bill pay payment to Sandia Area. Make sure to enter your loan account number correctly!



There are certain fees and charges for Online and Mobile Banking services. The current fees and charges are disclosed in the Sandia Area Federal Credit Union Membership and Account Agreement (as amended from time to time) do apply.  This Agreement is available in any Credit Union branch and online at our website. See the Online Banking agreement for details. Loan payments made from an outside account includes a Convenience Fee of $10.00. See important terms and disclosures regarding payments.

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