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SCAM ALERT: Sandia Area members are continuing to report fraudulent phone calls and text messages from people claiming to be Sandia Area member representatives. This includes spoofed phone numbers which appear to originate from Sandia Area. Please be aware that Sandia Area will NEVER initiate a phone call or text message asking for your online banking credentials or to request a transfer of funds. Learn more ► 

eStatements & eNotices

Paperless, fast, secure and resource-saving.

Sign up for eStatements & eNotices to help us eliminate paper waste one transaction at a time. Learn more below and...

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 They are paperless

By electing eStatements & eNotices, you will receive an electronic version of your regular credit union statement or periodic notice (like year-end tax statements, insufficient funds, share certificate maturity, etc.). Accumulate up to 18 months of historical statements and notices, or retain them indefinitely by downloading them to your computer. Rather than receive a paper statement or notice in the mail, you are sent an email that links you directly to your eStatement or eNotice. That e-mail will never contain sensitive account information.

 They are faster

eStatements & eNotices are convenient, safe and, best of all, faster than mailed notices! Available in PDF formats, your documents arrive as much as 2 to 3 days earlier than standard paper statements or notices. Additionally, you can view your statement at any time by clicking the eStatements link once you are signed on to Online Banking.

 They are more secure

Fraud and identity theft often begin when a sensitive piece of physical mail like a statement or bill is stolen from an unlocked home mailbox. This service means less opportunity for thieves to strike.

 They save resources

Obviously, less paper used is good for the environment. But the cost of processing and mailing statements and notices to every member is significant. Eliminating part of this process will help serve the membership, allowing more dollars to be returned in better savings and loan rates, fewer fees and greater accessibility.

 Enroll now

It’s easy to enroll in eStatements & eNotices:

  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Select the Accounts tab
  • Select Statements   

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions ►

Please note that if you choose to receive your statements and notices electronically, you will no longer receive paper copies via traditional mail. For important tax reporting reasons, you should always print and retain your December 31 year-end statement and tax documents.

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