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Security Center

We are dedicated to protecting you against fraud and identity theft.

 Protect your Sandia Area accounts and personal information

Learn how Sandia Area protects your private information, and find out how to keep your accounts, credit and identity secure. Learn more about social media safety, how to create a strong password, how to quickly catch fraud and more.

Never give personal information over the phone or the Internet unless you initiated the contact. Sandia Area will NEVER ask you for an account number or password via a phone, e-mail or text message that we initiated.

 Protecting yourself online

We want your online experience to be safe and enjoyable. Here are ways to help you be safe, secure and responsible online.

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 How we protect you online

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 Protecting your credit

Monitoring your credit report information, account balances and financial transactions regularly may be one of the best ways to quickly catch fraud and stop it before it gets out of control.

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 Consumer alerts

Learn about any recent scams hitting the area. Plus, pick up some additional tips to keep your information safe.

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 Identity theft & fraud

Identity theft occurs when someone steals key pieces of personal identifying information. Learn how to protect, detect and correct.

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 Identity theft protection

Services available at Sandia Area to help monitor, detect and restore your identity should you fall victim to identity theft.

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