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Debt Protection with Life Plus


Protect the things that matter most.


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If your life takes an unexpected turn, your family’s finances can be strained. But with Debt Protection with Life Plus, your loan payments or balance may be canceled, up to the contract maximums, in case of involuntary unemployment, disability, or death. It’s just one more way you can look out for the people you love

Things to know about debt protection

  • It’s easy – Simple to apply for.
  • It’s budget-friendly – Comfortably fits into your monthly payment.
  • It puts you at ease – Rest easy, knowing you may be taken care of in so many problem situations.

We are here to help!

In your time of need, our claims process is quick and easy.

  • To begin, please fill out a claim form at cunamutual.com
  • If you prefer, call 1.800.621.6323 to begin the process and a CUNA Mutual Group Claims Specialist will guide you through the process.2

Your purchase of Debt Protection with Life Plus is optional and will not affect your application for credit or the terms of any credit agreement required to obtain a loan. Certain eligibility requirements, conditions and exclusions may apply.

Please contact your loan representative or refer to the Member Agreement for a full explanation of the terms of Debt Protection with Life Plus. You may cancel the protection at any time. If you cancel protection within 30 days, you will receive a full refund of any fee paid.

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