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Safe Deposit Boxes

Play it safe.
Safe deposit boxes offer a secure and private alternative location to store important items outside of your home. In the event that your home is compromised by an unpredictable event such as a natural disaster or home theft, you'll have peace of mind knowing your irreplaceable items are stored safely in a secondary location.
Store your...
  • important physical documents or records
  • home inventory photos / videos, in the event they are ever needed for an insurance claim
  • backup hard drives or flash drives
  • collections / collectibles
  • jewelry, heirlooms, other valuables
  • sentimental keepsakes 

Rental Information

2" x 5"          $15.00
3" x 5"          $20.00
5" x 5"          $30.00
3" x 10"          $40.00
5" x 10"          $50.00
7" x 10"          $60.00
10" x 10"
Please note - not every branch location has the same availability.
Safe deposit box rent is due annually on January 5th, and is automatically deducted from a designated account.

Interested in a Safe Deposit Box?

If you would like to be contacted regarding safe deposit box locations and availability, please complete and submit the secure form below.
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