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Reality Checking™


Claim Your Financial Independence

Are you 13 - 25 and ready to claim your financial independence? Reality Checking™ and the Sandia Area Mastercard® are the perfect account pairing to help smooth the transition into the realities of adulthood.

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Reality Checking Features

Reality Checking offers free features, and zero monthly fees. Add the Sandia Area Mastercard® for a simple, convenient way to build your credit and tackle unforeseen expenses.

Sandia Area Mastercard® Features

  • $0 annual fee
  • $0 balance transfer fee
  • $0 cash advance fee
  • Identity theft resolution services
  • Low rates
  • Extended warranty protection on purchased items

What you need

  • Account holders 13-17 years old require a parent sponsor
  • Members under 21 may require a joint applicant (a parent or guardian) for your credit card
  • $30 ($5 for your primary membership account and $25 for your Reality Checking account)
  • Sign up for eStatements and Online Banking, order your Check Card and your Sandia Area Mastercard®

Reality Checking can help parents, too

  • As a joint account holder, you can have complete access to your child’s account (required for account holders 13-17 years of age)
  • Quickly transfer money to your child’s account when needed
  • Secure access to their account information through Online Banking
  • Easy account access from your smartphone 

Checking accounts and Mastercard credit card subject to qualification. Sandia Area Membership is required.

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