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Thinking of rolling over your 401(k) to a Rollover IRA?

A Rollover IRA offers an easy way to maintain the tax-deferred status of your retirement plan while consolidating your retirement savings into one easy-to-manage account. After considering your options, a Sandia Area Rollover IRA may be right for you.1

What are the features of a Rollover IRA?

  • Lets you consolidate retirement investments from multiple 401(k) and 403(b) plans left at previous employers. You can even transfer an existing Rollover IRA into your new Rollover IRA
  • Maintains the tax-deferred status of your retirement investments
  • Access investment choices which may include many of the same (or similar) investments found in your current portfolio

1You have choices for what to do with your employer sponsored retirement plan. Depending on your financial circumstances, needs and goals, you may choose to roll over to an IRA or convert to a Roth, roll over to an employer sponsored plan from a prior employer to an employer sponsored plan at your new employer, take a distribution or leave the account where it is. Each choice may offer different investment options and services, fees and expenses, withdrawal options, required minimum distributions, tax treatment and provide different protection from creditors and legal judgments. These are complex choices and should be considered with care. Talk with a Member Services Officer for additional information about your choices.

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