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SCAM ALERT: Sandia Area members are continuing to report fraudulent phone calls and text messages from people claiming to be Sandia Area member representatives. This includes spoofed phone numbers which appear to originate from Sandia Area. Please be aware that Sandia Area will NEVER initiate a phone call or text message asking for your online banking credentials or to request a transfer of funds. Learn more ► 

Let's Celebrate 65 Years!

Together we could make a pretty great team when it comes to your personal finances. To start, why not save money by moving your high-rate debt to Sandia Area?

Celebrate 65 years of serving the community with us with this special balance transfer offer, good with all new and existing Sandia Area Mastercards®!

  • 4.65% APR1 for the life of your balance transfer
  • NO balance transfer fees (and no cash advance fees or annual fees either!)

Hurry! Offer valid through May 31, 2021.

Choose Your Card

I Want Rewards

Earn rewards when you use your Sandia Area credit card ?

The perfect choice if you typically use your card for transactions and pay off your balance each month.

I Want Simple

Choose a card with lower rates and outstanding value ?

If you typically carry a balance on your card, this is the choice for you.

I Want to Build Credit

Choose a card that will help build or rebuild credit ?

If you want to build or rebuild your credit with a card that still has benefits, this is for you.

I Want to Compare All Cards

Get a side-by-side comparison here ?

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