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Fraud & Security

Learn what Sandia Area does to protect your private information, and find out how to keep your accounts, credit and identity secure. Learn more about cybersecurity, how to create a strong password, how to recognize fraud, and more.

Never give personal information over the phone or the Internet unless you initiated the contact. Sandia Area will NEVER ask you for an account number, password or PIN via a phone, e-mail or text message that we initiated.

Recognize Fraud

Learn the red flags to look out for, and keep up to date on current scams.

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Protect Your Identity

Get tips on how to protect your identity, and credit, and what to do if your identity is stolen

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Learn how to protect yourself online, create a strong password, and more

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Report Fraud

If you have become a victim of fraud, or feel your personal information may have been compromised, call us at 505.292.6343 or toll free at 800.228.4031.


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