Budget and Savings Tools

Know where you stand financially. Stick to your budget, see how much you’re spending on gas, groceries or coffee drinks—all at a glance. Use our dashboards to track activity in your accounts. No downloading is necessary. View a graph or chart of your spending and savings and see where your money is going.

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Knowing where your money is going is key when it comes to making progress on your financial goals.

Our Budgeting Widget allows you to set multiple budgets. See your total spending progress and switch between budgets. You can even set alerts to show excessive spending in categories. You can truly track all of your spending all in one place.

  • See your spending and expenses associated with each budget.
  • Allocate and track income to each spending category.
  • See all transactions associated with the accounts in your budget.
  • Easily change, add or delete budgets.

Make Savings Goals

Use our savings and goals tool to set up a savings plan and easily track your progress towards meeting your goals!

With savings goals, you can:

  • Set-up one or multiple savings goals per savings account.
  • Set-up notifications to track your progress.
  • Re-allocate funds across multiple goals.
  • Transfer funds once a goal is complete.

Not sure how to start saving?

Try tracking your spending using our online banking Budgeting tool. Once you see where your money is going, you can identify areas where you may be able to cut spending and start saving.

See the Online Banking agreement for details. 

Alerts received as text messages on your mobile access device may incur a charge from your mobile access service provider. Not all account documents are available in eStatement format.

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