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CALL24 Audio Response

Get 24/7 access to take care of your banking business with just a touch-tone phone, your member number and a personal identification number (PIN). 

Call24 505.292.6900
Toll Free 800.544.7287

Use Call24 to:

  • Transfer Funds
  • Check Balances
  • Verify Deposits and Check Clearings
  • Transfer Loan Payments
  • Make a withdrawal by check

Members can also request their account be set up to allow them to transfer funds to another member’s account, such as a family member.

Call24 Menu Options


Press 1 Account Balance
Press 2 Account History
Press 3 Transfer or Make a Payment
Press 4 Future Dated Transactions
Press 5 Share / Loan Withdrawals
Press 6 Stop Payments
Press 7 Credit union Information
Press 8 Change Your PIN


Press 0 Member Service
Press 1* Help Menu
Press 3* Main Menu
Press * Go Back
Press 5* Skip
Press # Repeat


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