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Community Commitment Program Application

A Community Commitment Program Application (or a letter that contains the same elements) must be completed and submitted to request Sandia Area's community support. Please be sure to give ample time for review of your request. A minimum of 60 days for review and action on your request is suggested. All materials submitted in the application process become the property of Sandia Area and will not be returned. A copy of the Internal Revenue Service 501(c)3 determination letter designating the requesting organization as a nonprofit, tax-exempt public charity may be required.  Review our Community Support Guidelines here ?

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Request Date:
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Please allow a minimum of 60 days between date of request and deadline in order to receive and process the request.

Deadline for response from Sandia Area:
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1. Has Sandia Area contributed to this organization in the past?
4. Item(s) requested:
Will Sandia Area receive public recognition from this organization or project?

Questions? Call our Marketing Specialist at 505-292-6343 ext. 1450.

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