Debit Card Lock


Have you ever had that panicked moment at the grocery store when you reach for your debit card—but it’s not there? Debit card lock to the rescue! Use debit card lock when you:

Misplace Your Debit Card

Can’t find your debit card, but aren’t quite sure it’s officially lost? Block your card while you search to prevent fraud. If you find it, simply unblock your card to instantly access it again.

Lose Your Debit Card

If you lose your debit card—or it’s stolen—block your card to instantly prevent misuse until you can contact Sandia Area to replace it.

Discover Fraud

You check your accounts often to spot fraud. If you find a suspicious transaction or one you don’t recognize, block your debit cards to prevent further fraud until you can contact Sandia Area.

Debit Card Control Homescreen

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