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Creating a Strong Password and How to Remember It

Creating a Strong Password and How to Remember It

Websites such as banking, social media, online shopping, streaming services, and more all require you to have an account and password associated to your email address. Creating passwords can be overwhelming and sometimes secure passwords aren’t what will be remembered. Here are tips to creating a strong password… and how to remember them too!

  • Create different passwords for each account. If your password is compromised from one account and the passwords are all the same, you leave yourself at risk of multiple account intrusions.
  • Ensure you follow directions for the account password requirements (character count, letters, numbers, and special characters). Passwords at least 10 characters or longer are more secure, and those with special characters or numbers used instead of regular letters can help to create a stronger password.
  • Avoid consecutive keyboard combinations like 12345 or asdfg and common choices such as “password” or personal information like names, birthdays, or age that may be common knowledge.
  • Conduct routine password updates to ensure your accounts continue to be safe.
  • Set up multi-factor authentication for accounts that offer it. Multi-factor authentication will prompt a second verification when logging into your account (generally from an unknown device). Additional verification methods include sending a One-Time Passcode to an email or phone number on file. This extra step can stop an intruder in their tracks.

There are many creative ways to create a long, complex password. Here is one suggestion that might help you remember it easier.

What to do


Start with a sentence or two.

Complex passwords are safer

Remove the spaces between the word and sentence


Turn words into shorthand or intentionally misspell a word


Add length with numbers – put numbers that are meaningful to you after the sentence



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