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Going Green This Spring

Going Green This Spring

For many, spring is a time for cleaning and it marks the beginning of the outdoor season. Being environmentally-friendly and practicing sustainability helps preserve our wild spaces, and keeps them clean and beautiful.

Spring Cleaning

Avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals that can be unpleasant for both you and the environment. When choosing your cleaning solution opt for products that are organic, or save money (and the environment) by using at-home cleaning recipes. For example, this homemade cleaner is made from two key ingredients, and both cleans and freshens.

Updating Your Lighting

Replacing all of your old light bulbs with new energy-efficient bulbs is a low-cost option to help reduce the amount of energy your home uses, while increasing the life span of the light bulb.

Planting A Garden

A home garden is great for the environment, beneficial for your wallet, and good for your health. Do research to determine what grows best in your area and climate, especially during the varying seasons. Not only does it help spruce up your outdoor décor, it benefits the Earth and insects that thrive (such as bees) in gardens.

Installing Solar Panels

With 300+ days of sunshine in New Mexico adding solar panels to your house can reduce your reliance on energy generated from fossil fuels. To find the best solar panel solution for your home make sure to research several different companies, compare pricing, panel options, and ensure your house gets enough sunlight. And most importantly, figure out how much installing solar panels can save you on your monthly bill.

Although purchasing and installing solar panels can be cost-prohibitive, there are inexpensive, easy changes we all can make that are impactful and positive for your health, as well as the environment. If everyone changes cleaning solutions and updates light bulbs, these seemingly small changes will make a big impact, creating a lasting, positive effect on the environment.  

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