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Tips to a Successful Staycation

Tips to a Successful Staycation

The pandemic has been draining, and by now everyone is feeling the itch for a summer vacation. For those not interested in traveling just yet, a staycation could be exactly what you need!

Continue to stay at home? How can that be a good idea for a staycation? Daily chores, errands, and meals are just some reasons why you may think a staycation won’t be relaxing and rewarding.

Here are some tips to help make your family’s staycation a success!

Clean your home prior to your staycation. Doing this will make your home feel like a hotel or Airbnb – you’ll only have to do minimal cleaning that would have to be done on vacation anyways, like dishes and laundry.

Set rules for your staycation. The point of a staycation is to make it feel as much like a relaxing getaway, even though you’re still at home. To ensure the whole family is on the same page, start with some ground rules that everyone has agreed to. Start by deciding when your staycation starts and ends, and then set guidelines for what your family may and may not do during the staycation.

Here are some general ideas for what your family may decide to set as rules:

  • No screens (cell phone, computer, or video games)
  • No television, unless to watch a movie as a family
  • No working from home, and that includes checking work email

Expect to have fun! Plan fun activities for your staycation, just as you would a real vacation. Set a reasonable, realistic budget for your staycation. The budget may include money for eating meals out, buying board games, renting a movie, splurging on fun activities like an ice cream sundae bar, etc.

Get sunlight, like you would on a real vacation. Find hiking trails, go to the zoo, or take a trip up the Sandia Mountain tram. Both Albuquerque and Santa Fe have national monuments and parks within a few hours’ drive - no hotel needed!

Prepare family time fun. An idea for family time fun is a board game tournament! Find some board games that all members of the family can play and get ready for some competition! Maybe even pick out a prize, or say the winner gets to pick dinner. Quality family time is key for every vacation and staycation!

The hardest part of trying to “relax” at home is letting go of the everyday obligations and distractions that can overwhelm us in our own homes. The real key to having the best staycation possible is your own attitude and commitment to making your time fun and relaxing. Forget the chores and allow yourself to kick back and enjoy the time with your family!

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