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New Desktop Login Security Enhancements

New Desktop Login Security Enhancements

At Sandia Area, protecting your account information is our top priority. We take a layered security approach to protect your information when logging into your online account and when you are performing higher risk transactions. 

You will notice the following changes when you login to a desktop computer beginning April 20, 2021.

What's changing?

  • Currently when logging into your account online from your desktop, you enter your username on the homepage and are directed to a second page which displays your pre-selected image with a field to enter your password.
  • Effective April 20, 2021 you will now enter both your username and password directly on our homepage and the previously selected image will no longer be displayed, for a more convenient and smooth user experience. 

We use a risk-based authentication and can identify if you are logging in from a new device or location. When that occurs you will be prompted to enter a one-time passcode to proceed to your account. You have the option to receive your one-time code via email, text message, or an automated phone call. This is a one-time passcode and the code should never be shared with anyone. 

What can you do to prepare?
Login to online banking from our website and click on Settings. Verify and update your contact information, including how you prefer to be contacted (email, text, or phone call). 


Questions and Additional Information

Do these changes apply if I login to my account using the mobile application? 

Your mobile app experience is not changing. One-time passcodes are currently in use with the mobile application.

How do I verify that you have the correct contact information for me?

When you are logged into your online account, go to Settings > Contact. Be sure to verify that your email and phone numbers are correct. 

What if I don't have a mobile phone, can I still get the one-time code?

Yes, you can request the one-time code to be provided a voice call, or via email to your desktop.

Can I use the code multiple times?

No, the code is only a one-time code.

What if I didn't receive my one-time code? What should I do?

Ensure the phone number and email address registered to your account are correct. If you selected the email option, check your spam/junk folder. If you selected the text option, it may take a few minutes. Your one-time code may be delayed in the delivery due to connectivity issues. You can also request another one-time code. Once a new code is requested, your previous code becomes invalid. 

What if I have my phone set up for Face Recognition or Fingerprint Login?

This change will not affect your mobile settings or login experience, you can still use your face recognition or fingerprint login if your mobile device allows it.

Will I have to enter a one-time passcode every time?

No, you will not have to set it every time, you may be prompted if you are logging in from a new device, a new location, or performing a higher risk transaction.

Can I get my one-time passcode from a Sandia Area representative?

No, for security we do not have access to this information.

Is a one-time passcode safe?

Yes, these are randomly generated passcodes, uniquely created each time one is requested.

How long is the one-time passcode good for?

5 minutes

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