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Sandia Area and NM Businesses: A Perfect Partnership

Sandia Area and NM Businesses: A Perfect Partnership

Sandia Area Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit, community-based, member-owned financial institution that is uniquely positioned to help America’s more than 30 million1 small businesses. As a local credit union, we strive to support our community whether through our business accounts, giveaways to local attractions and businesses for our members, partnerships, and more.

We return annual profits to our members in the form of lower interest rates on loans, lower fees on accounts, and better interest on savings accounts and Certificates of Deposit—including business accounts and business loans. We offer competitive rates on commercial loans including but not limited to commercial real estate and vehicle loans. As an added bonus, Sandia Area loans have no pre-payment penalty, so you can pay off your loan quicker than the original length of the loan if you would like.

Additionally, your Sandia Area membership grants you access to Sandia Area Insurance Group, where you can compare insurance company rates and coverages all in one place. On average we save our members $686 per year.2 Business owners can shop General Liability, Business Automobile, Directors and Officers, Errors and Omissions, Commercial Property, and Workers Compensation Insurance. What’re you waiting for? Call 505.256.6199 and see how we can help.

If you’re a business owner looking for the perfect banking partnership, contact our Commercial Services Officer Kawtar El Alaoui at 505.256.6080. She can assist you with finding the right account for both you and your business.





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  2. Figure of $686 is a national average savings number of the previous 12 months of auto, homeowner and packaged policyholders’ savings when compared to the policyholders’ former premiums as of 05/30/2020. Individual premiums and savings will vary.

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