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Debit Cards and These Don’t Mix

Debit Cards and These Don’t Mix

Gas Stations

Some gas stations authorize transactions for a much higher amount than you actually spent filling up your tank. A common example is when a gas station authorizes a $75 pending transaction, even though filling up your tank may cost half that. Nobody wants a pending transaction and hold on their funds higher than what they actually spent – this can lead to over drafting your account and checks bouncing. You can easily steer clear of this by using your credit card at the pump.


When checking in to a hotel your card number is kept on file in case of additional charges or fees you accrue during your stay. As a result, giving them your debit card information can be inconvenient as the additional charges could lead to insufficient funds. As a helpful tip, it’s best to give your credit card information to places that keep your card on file or create a tab with the card so that you can spend money at a lower risk. 

Car Rentals

Car rental companies can put large holds on your account as a way to decrease the risk of you damaging or wrecking one of their cars. Large amounts of funds on hold with your debit card can lead to insufficient funds, over draft fees, and bounced checks – all while on vacation. While relaxing or paying for activities on vacation - you want to ensure access to the money you need. Paying with a credit card will eliminate the stress of unwanted holds on your debit card and will allow you spend what you need easily.

Recurring Charges

Some recurring charges are easy to forget about – the gym, music subscriptions, and more. Recurring charges can turn into a set it and forget it mind set, so when your gym membership is charged to your debit card you may not have the funds and will lead to over draft fees and insufficient funds. Setting recurring payments to credit cards can stop such disasters from happening when you forget about a recurring charge, no matter the transaction size.

Self-Serving Kiosks and ATMs

Self-service kiosks such as parking meters are at high-risk to be tampered with by criminals using card skimmers. Another high-risk location for debit cards are off-brand ATMs not located at a bank or credit union. ATMs located in a restaurant or bar, for example are normally independent ATMs, which may not require video surveillance or routine inspections, making them something you should avoid altogether.

As a member of Sandia Area, our debit cards are compatible with CU Anytime ATMs – a trusted, surcharge free ATM with over 220 locations throughout New Mexico, El Paso, and Livermore, CA. When in a pinch for an ATM text the Zip Code of your location to 91989 to find the closest CU Anytime to you and never deal with sketchy, independent ATMs again.








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