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Reasons to Keep Your Device Software Up to Date

Reasons to Keep Your Device Software Up to Date

While device software updates are sometimes more frequent than you like and can be inconvenient and annoying, they help to keep your device secure. Now more than ever you must stay on top of it so that your phone doesn’t get hacked and your information stolen. With most people purchasing from phone apps credit card information can be saved on the phone along with bank account apps and saved login information.

Software updates are good for the health of your phone because they:

  • Can do anything from patching holes to fixing or removing bugs to adding new features that replace outdated technology.
  •  Protect your data from cyber criminals who look for weaknesses in software in order to compromise devices.1

Companies release software updates frequently because of the constant attempts from hackers trying to exploit weaknesses in devices. iPhones offer automatic installs for software updates which allows your device to be updated in the middle of the night when you’re most likely not utilizing your phone.

Putting off devices software updates because they’re inconvenient can put you and your device at risk. Next time your device has a software update remember they help your information stay secure and install them at your earliest convenience.



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