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Keep America Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful

April is Keep America Beautiful Month. The organization was founded in 1953 with the purpose to focus on three main issues: litter prevention, waste reduction by recycling, and community greening and beautification. Through education and engagement of individuals and communities to take action, Keep America Beautiful has led to several positive impacts on our environment. Studies have even shown that clean communities are stronger economically. Businesses are more willing to move to communities that are kept up, and likewise, people are more willing to shop in these areas.

Here are some ways you can make a difference in our environment and your community.

Litter Prevention

  • Every week, pick up the litter in front of your house. Encourage your neighbors to do the same
  • Keep a trash bag or small trash can in your car. Encourage friends and family to do that same.
  • Make sure you trash is secure and can’t blow or fall out of your trash bin.

Improve Recycling and Reduce Waste

  • Research what items can be recycled in your bin at home as well as in your community. Many areas have glass recycling drop offs.
  • Upcycle old items into something useable
  • Reduce waste and cut back on one-time use plastics and packaging. Drink out of a reusable water bottle, and bring reusable bags when grocery shopping.
  • See if an item can be fixed before you throw it away and replace it.

Clean Up Your Community

  • Schedule a clean-up day at a local park. Or consider adopting a park or stretch of road to keep clean.
  • Plant some local flowers, or start a garden. Encourage your neighborhood to start a community garden.

For more information about what you can do, or to look for programs near you, visit kab.org.

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